Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities with Strange Addictions

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities with Strange Addictions

 Like a normal person, Hollywood stars also have some needs and also some favorite things or tasks. Some may be looked as addicted to some adventure or anything else. Lets have a look on top 10 hobbies or addiction of Hollywood celebrities.

1. Nicole Kidman
Kidman has an addiction that is not good for her physical appearance and attractive body, that is, chocolate cookies addiction. She has to take at least a single chocolate cookie or pie in a day to fulfill her desire.

2. Britney Spears
The beautiful Hollywood actress has gambling addiction. Although she knows what she does is not right but he can’t stop herself from doing it. A friend of her leaked out the information of her hobby.

3. Megan Fox
Megan fox’s weakness is expensive shoes. She admits that after entering a shoe store, she can’t stop herself from buying at least one pair.

4. Ben Affleck
The great actor is also a great poker player. He had won even more than $350,000 in a night while playing with professionals. Now-a-days he has been playing online poker and is so addicted to leave the house. Almost four nights a week he spends on the game.

5. Amy Winehouse
Winehouse is crazy about tattoos on her body. She said that she wants to look different in mirror every morning she wakes up. She currently has 11 tattoos on her body and is planning to have more.

6. Angelina Jolie
The beautiful Hollywood star takes diet pills to keep herself attractive enough for her fans. These diet pills increase the metabolism rate of body. She has been addicted to these pills and Brad Pitt is a lot worried about her as these pills are not good for health.

7. Jack Black
Jack Black was famous to have computer video games, alcohol and smoking addiction. But all these addictions vanished when he became a family man. Now another addiction has raised, green tea. He drinks a lot of green tea and claim that he got this addiction after he left smoking.

8. David Duchovny
David’s sex addiction caused his marriage to get ruined. He is addicted to sex, virtual sex and pornography. He has admitted himself now in a rehabilitation Centre for treatment.

9. Paris Hilton
On her birthday in 2007, Paris Hilton discovered her interest in skydiving. This discovery was much unexpected for her but now she has become an addict to the activity.

10. Salma Hayek
The strangest addiction is of Salma Hayek. She is addicted to breastfeed children. She refused to stop breastfeeding her children. Her logic is that there is nothing good for mother-child relation more than maternal link. The more weird thing is that she also breastfeed children other than her.